My son and daughter love their weekly Italian lesson with Barbara! She is an excellent teacher and learned what my children’s needs and abilities were very early and tailored her lessons to fit them.  Her energy and enthusiasm make class exciting for them. I am also very impressed with the “il viaggio” curriculum. We have family in Italy and travel their often, but they never expressed interest in the culture or history of the country before they began class with Barbara. Now they want to talk about the regions they are studying and ask more questions about places they’ve visited or where we have family.  Grazie Barbara!

Aimee H. - Parent

I was so happy when I met Barbara for the first time! Could not believe that I was going to have the opportunity to have my 3 year old going to an “all Italian class”!! I was born and raise in Italy, but my husband is from Chicago and so we speak only English at home. I try to talk to my daughter only in Italian but is hard when my husband is around because he feels cut off. Since Charlotte has been going to Barbara’s Italian classes she is more confident when speak her Italian, and she is always looking forward to go and have fun at ‘Insieme a Chicago’.

Thank you Barbara for the beautiful work you do.


Simona - Parent

My husband was raised in Italy and I speak Italian, as well. Our 3-year-old, Amedeo, has many books and DVDs in Italian, but we knew that we wanted him to have another experience outside of just us. He loves Insieme a’ Chicago! Barbara is a master ‘maestra’ who keeps the kids actively engaged and learning in a variety of ways. We hear him trying and using new Italian words at home every week. We consider Insieme a’ Chicago an important part of his bi-lingual education! Grazie mille, Maestra Barbara!


Juliet L. - Parent

I am Italian and my husband is American. We are trying to raise our 16-month-old son bilingual, so we always seek ways to expose him to the Italian language and culture. I will never forget the ecstatic look on his face when we first attended an Insieme a Chicago class: hey, mommy was not the only one speaking in a different way!!! We have had a lot of fun playing and singing together with other children and Barbara, and we plan on following several other classes. It’s a fun way for children and grown-ups to learn and socialize.

Cristina M.P. - Parent

Ceci is the best student in her new Italian class in Tampa, the teacher is very impressed with how engaged she is and how much she participates and we have you to thank for her love of the Italian language!

Cristina H. - Parent