Our Team

Barbara De Bernardi

Barbara designs and teaches all Insieme a Chicago programs! Native of Sondrio, Italy, she studied “Lingue e Letterature Straniere” at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan. After an extensive experience as a foreign languages educator for preschoolers, she graduated with a Master in Linguistics in 2010 at Northeastern University, in Chicago. Since then she has been researching ways to bridge the Italian early education system with the American one.  Loving both her home country and Chicago, she is raising her sons bilingual and bicultural, hence her inspiration to create a community like Insieme a Chicago.

Lara Meoni

Lara was born and raised in Florence, Italy, and attended Istituto Lucrezia Tornabuoni. She has lived in the U.S. (Chicago) since 1994 and has several years of experience working as an Italian language instructor for preschoolers and elementary school children, as well as tracking & reporting her students’ progress. Her own three children are bilingual and bicultural. Lara has known Barbara and has worked with her over the years in Italian teaching endeavors. Lara is passionate about her culture and language, thus the desire to join a growing comunity like “Insieme a Chicago!”



Natalja Aicardi

Natalja is a multi-disciplinary performing artist, teacher and Reiki Healing practicioner, born and raised in Italy by Italian father and Swedish mother. Right from the start she experienced diversity in her upbringing and cultivated the curiosity for different cultures, traditions and languages ever since. She’s been living in Chicago for the past 10 years, raising two bilingual kids. She just graduated from The School for Theatre Creators and is grateful and eager to join the team at INSIEME a CHICAGO, and to bring music, movement and theatre while teaching Italian to the families.



Maria Teresa

MT (Maria Teresa) Bonfatti Sabbioni is native of PIacenza, Italy. She has worked as Italian lecturer in different colleges of Chicago and she is now focusing on linguistics research, specifically in second language acquisition and bilingualism, at UWM (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) She is an advocate of early exposure to foreign languages in children, and she is dedicating herself to provide evidence of the many advantages that bilingualism carries while creating adequate material for children and their language learning process.